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BLACKROLL® Education Program

Are you a (fitness) trainer, physical or massage therapist, medical doctor, alternative healer or do you have a comparable background in sports or medicine? Would you like to learn more about BLACKROLL®, its application possibilities and simultaneously increase your knowledge on the topic of fascia?

BLACKROLL® and its partners offer an extensive range of certification courses and workshops on the topic of fascia training and the wide range application of the BLACKROLL® products. 

1) Official BLACKROLL® Education Program

2) Fascial Fitness Trainer Course


4) Fitness Private Trainer Course "Fit & Roll"

5) IFAA Trainer Course "Fascinating Fascia training"

1) Official BLACKROLL® Education Program 


"Official BLACKROLL® Trainer"


  • Recognised fitnesstrainer license (advanced)
  • Education in reach of sports- or medicine
  • Sport science or a similar educational background


The BLACKROLL® Education Program was developed by Dr. Lutz Graumann (MD, Ph.D., founder of the Performance & Health Institute) in cooperation with Marcel Andrä (sports scientist) and based on the latest scientific and medical research. 
The following elements are the focus of the full day BLACKROLL Training, which certifies you as an official BLACKROLL® Trainer:

  • Fasciae & functional anatomy
  • In-depth BLACKROLL® product knowledge and versatility
  • Improve mobility and decrease pain with BLACKROLL®
  • Self-myofascial treatment (SMT) with BLACKROLL®

Scheduled BLACKROLL® Training courses (in local languages):


- 16. July 2016 | Hannover, Elan Fitness Wellness & Spa, Bröhnweg 17, 30 974 Wennigsen 

- 13. August 2016 | Dresden Fitness First, Prager Straße 2a, 01069 Dresden

Price: 199,- Euro incl. BLACKROLL Book. 
Subscribe via email via this link and include all your contact details: 


- 17. September 2016 | Luzern, BalletStadt, Museggstr. 12b, 6004 Luzern

- 19. November | ZÜRICH, Hatha Yoga Schule, Zwinglistr. 8, 8004 Zürich

Price: 260,- CHF
More information / subscribe per e-mail - click the contact link and include all contact details: 


- 16. July 2016 | GRAZ, VIBES Fitness, Leechgasse 25, 8010 Graz

Price: 189,- Euro
More information and subscription per e-mail. Please include all your contact details:  


- 16 July 2016 | AMSTERDAM | Studio MOVE//West, Haarlemmerweg 10A (in het Westerpark), 1014 BE Amsterdam.

+ + SOLD OUT + +

Language: Dutch.
Price: 199,- Euro (incl. study materials).
BLACKROLL Trainer: (master sports physiotherapist) René van Engelen.
More information and administration per e-mail.
Please include all your contact details when signing up via this link:


- 08 October 2016 | RIMINI | Location to be announced. 
Price: €150+IVA if registered until 20/9. After: €180*IVA (BLACKROLL Book included)

- 12 November 2016 | MILAN | Washington Medical Center 
Price: €150+IVA if registered until 16/10. After: €180*IVA (BLACKROLL Book included)

Language: Italian.
Please contact Master Trainers Cinzia and Max (studio atelier Pilates) via this email link to get more information and to sign up:


- 23 & 24 July 2016 | 1B Vadyma Het'mana str. | Kyiv 
Language: Russian
Master Trainer: Diana Rusnak 
Please sign up via:
Price €176,- 


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  • BLACKROLL® Training Germany: contact via Dennis Gnädinger
  • BLACKROLL® Training the Netherlands/Belgium: contact Eefje van de Ven
  • BLACKROLL® Master Trainer Austria & contact: Nina Brenner
  • BLACKROLL® Master Trainer Switzerland & contact: Nina Heinemann 


2) Fascial Fitness Trainer Course (GERMAN/ or ENGLISH)

For trainers in reach of sports, gymnastics and fitness, as well as therapists of the somatic movement scene (for example, Pilates, yoga, Rolfing, bodybliss) Fascial Fitness offers a short-term advanced training to become a licensed Fascial Fitness Trainer. The certification course entails participation in a basic course (2 days) and an advanced course (2 days). To be able to participate, one has to be qualified as a therapist or sports trainer (B-license or higher).

Details and sign up via Fascial Fitness.

Contact person: Markus Rossmann (



Main foci: fascia theory, self myofascial release (SMR), product knowledge
The official BLACKROLL® Workshop is the perfect start to getting to know the theme 'fascia training' and especially, self myofascial release: massage of the connective tissue. 

Details, dates and sign up via PERFORM SPORTS®

Contact person: Max Enders (


4) Fitness Private Trainer Course: "Fit & Roll"  (GERMAN)

This course focuses on training with BLACKROLL® products as well as self myofascial release (SMR).  
The course content is based upon a prevention course
 - (German) Präventionskurs nach § 20 SGB (Prävention im Handlungsfeld Bewegung)).

This course is unique since it is the only accredited (injury) prevention course that includes the use of fascia rolls and -balls. 

Details, dates and sign up via Fitness Private.

Contact person: Markus Waldraff (


5) IFAA Trainer Course: "Fascinating Fascia Training"  (GERMAN)

A three-day workshop that offers an overview of the latest results in the reach of fascia science, combined with an effective exercise program to optimise performance of the myofascial structures. This program is for you if you want to focus on more effortlessness and suppleness, in your everyday movement patterns, and sports. 

Details and sign up via IFAA.

Contact person: Georg Busch (